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Test Marriage-Based Green Card Interview Questions

Test Marriage-Based Green Card Interview Questions

Here is a summary of the kinds of concerns you could be expected at your card marriage that is green meeting. Test yourself!

Preparing for the marriage-based card interview that is green? The listed here are sample concerns to assist you prepare.

Keep in mind, there’s no guarantee that the interviewer will ask you all or some of these concerns (though most of them are drawn from real interviews). However these should review allow you to get as well as your fiance or spouse started regarding the means of testing each other’s memory.

Whether it’s a normal adjustment of status or visa interview, you may expect only some concerns.

In the event that immigration authorities are becoming dubious, nonetheless, thinking that your particular wedding could be a fraud to obtain an eco-friendly card, you may expect a significant number of those concerns, or concerns like them, become expected of both you and your U.S. Petitioner. In reality, they might split both of you and do what is called a “Stokes meeting, ” then compare your answers later on.

We have split the possible questions into thematic groupings. Once again, these do NOT result from any official list developed by U.S. Immigration authorities.

Growth of Your Relationship

  • Where did you fulfill?
  • Exactly exactly exactly What did both of you have as a common factor?
  • Where do you go after times?
  • Whenever did your relationship change intimate?
  • Just how long ended up being it just before made a decision to get hitched?
  • Whom proposed to who?
  • Why do you opt to have long, quick engagement?
  • Did your parents accept of this match? Why or why don’t you?

The Marriage